Related Documents

The project originated from a proposal for a hitchhiking application called ElectricThumb.
The ElectricThumb Proposal (pdf)

We performed contextual inquiries in the Seattle area to determine what our target audience wanted from a ridesharing application.
Contextual Inquiry Report (pdf)

Early interface design involved analysis of typical tasks and workflow along with a number of sketches.
Task Analysis and Design Sketches (pdf)

We created a video prototype to showcase the usage of our system.
Video Prototype Report (pdf)

A checkpoint in the low-fidelity user testing process. Design sketches are reworked and closer to a final state.
Low-Fidelity Prototype Progress Report (pdf)

We put to the test a fully mocked up paper prototype of our design, asking three participants to use our prototype to complete a few basic tasks.
Low-Fidelity Prototype Report (pdf)

Putting to use what we'd learned throughout our design process, and our findings after the testing of our low-fidelity prototype, we created a high-fidelity interactive prototype.
Interactive Prototype Report (pdf)

Created Autumn 2009 by the RideAlong team for CSE 440.